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KB KOLAO Leasing Co., Ltd. Is a joint venture between KB Capital, KB Kookmin Card and KOLAO Group of Lao PDR.

KB Financial Group is the No.1 representative of Korean financial group with 12 affiliates including KB Capital and KB Kookmin Card, total assets of 447.9 billion dollars, 1,051 branches and 32 million people which is 62% of the total population of Korea.

The KOLAO Group is the most popular corporation in Lao PDR with subsidiaries in major economic sectors such as distribution, construction, and banking. In particular, sells own-produced, imported and used cars, furthermore market share in auto sales reaches 50%.

KB KOLAO Leasing utilizes KB Capital’s know-how in auto finance and KOLAO Group’s strong position in the Lao PDR market as a national company to secure a stable operating base for local installment financing.

KB KOLAO Leasing is working hard to be the no 1.
Financial car leasing service company in Lao PDR with focus on business growth, quality customer service and strengthening the management foundation.

We are also preparing to strengthen overseas business capabilities so that we can expand to Indochina Peninsula as a long-term plan.


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